Steve Vai, Guitar Legend

“The ATG Auto Tune System is unlike any other. It’s intuitive to a players idiosyncrasies and offers stunning intonation within a vast amount of instant tuning potentials and variety of eclectic guitar modelings. It aids the player in walking that bridge to being tuned up, turned on and tapped into their infinite, unique creativity. It helps me to sound as good as some people think I am.”

- Steve on using a guitar with built in Custom Luthier Kit



Larry Mitchell, Grammy Award Winner

Playing with the ATG-1 Floor Pedal

Larry Mitchell Larry Mitchell with the ATG-1 Floor Pedal


Jonn Savannah, Musician, Songwriter, Engineer, and Producer

"John Martyn, Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell - I always wondered why their songs were so impossible to play. Not sure when I became aware of alternate tunings for the guitar, but it’s a deep rabbit hole once you’re in it. Realizing that some of their tunings dropped the low E string to a C, I was confronted with the flappiest, buzziest, most unwieldy noises and pretty much gave up. I heard about fan fret guitars, which would have helped, but were expensive.
Finally I was introduced to Auto Tune for Guitar and have been enjoying flap and buzz-free low tunings, 12 string emulations, and all manner of pickups ancient and modern. At a friend’s party a month ago I played live for 6 hours - tuning and intonation was flawless throughout. Listening back to the recording, the tone was indistinguishable from a genuine Les Paul with vintage Humbuckers, or a real Strat with single coils. The ability to shift pickups and tunings on the fly in a live situation is a total game changer. I love watching friends’ jaws drop when I demonstrate what the ATG can do - this really is an incredibly useful and flexible product."

- Jonn Savannah on using the ATG-1 Floor Processor

James Durbin, Performer and Songwriter

ATG-1 with James Durbin ATG-1 Crawling

Mark King of Hinder

Mark King of Hinder

"You can put [the ATG system] in any tuning you want, it’s all within a  footstep away..”

- Mark uses the Auto-Tune for Guitar technology in the Custom Luthier Kit

Bill Walker

Playing with the Lap Steel+ Pedal Application on the ATG-1 Floor Pedal

"...the ability to isolate strings and bend them as you see fit, and really get pedal steel type have that capability without actually mechanically bending the string, so there's no pitch issue, there's no popping of the string issue...”

Bill Walker Bill Walker
Bill Walker - All About the 5ths Bill Walker

Eric Barnett of Points North

Eric Barnett

“Forget about fumbling to fix a tuning in the middle of a song…the push of a button and you’re instantly in tune.”

Eric showing off the Custom Luthier Kit and Peavey AT-200

Auto-Tune for Guitar, available three ways:

ATG-1 Floor Processor Auto-Tune for Guitar Custom Luthier Kit AT-200 Peavey A-200
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