Auto-Tune for Guitar Software Feature Packs v3.0 are Now Available

November 3, 2014

Free software updates for the Auto-Tune for Guitar Feature packs and three Free Trial Packs are now available.  New features include:

  • MIDI channel support
  • Improved audio quality
  • Precision Analog Guitar Modeling
  • New guitar models:
  • New Acoustic (Dreadnought, OM and finger style) and Bass (Jazz bridge, Jazz neck & bridge, P bass) guitar models
  • SLO Custom HSH
  • Japan Custom HSH

Complete details about the v3.0 software update can be found here.

MIDI Designer Pro 1.5 Includes the Auto-Tune for Guitar Layout Built-in

March 5, 2013

Our friends at Confusionists have just released version 1.5 of their brilliant MIDI Designer Pro app for the iPad. While version 1.5 includes a host of powerful new features, the one of most interest to Auto-Tune for Guitar users is that our Auto-Tune for Guitar control layout is now built in to the app. So there's no longer any need to separately download and install it.

Here's how to load it:

- Launch MIDI Designer Pro and touch the "more" button
- Select "Config"
- In the Config window, select Actions and then "Load a Layout"
- Select the "Auto-Tune Guitar (built-in)" layout


Auto-Tune for Guitar Software Feature Packs are Now Available

February 4, 2013

Three Software Feature Packs for the Peavey AT-200 guitar are now available from the Auto-Tune for Guitar web store. The packs add a variety of powerful new features to the AT-200, including guitar models, alternate tunings, doublings (12-strings, octavers, etc.), capo settings, global transposition, fine tuning, MIDI control, the ability to save and load presets and more. 

The new features can be accessed from the AT-200 via the new Fret Control system or from any MIDI controller, including our free Auto-Tune for Guitar layout for the MIDI Designer Pro iPad app.

Complete information about the Software Feature Packs can be found here.

The Peavey AT-200 Has Been Awarded a 2013 Editors' Choice Award By Electronic Musician Magazine!

January 9, 2013

Electronic Musician Magazine has awarded the Peavey AT-200 guitar their coveted 2013 Editors' Choice Award in the category of "Trust Us - This is Actually a Good Idea."

In describing the reason for the award, the editors state:

From pure intonation to alternate tunings to assisted bends, Auto-Tune adds a new toolkit for creative guitar players—regardless of the level of expertise.

You can check out more details, as well as the rest of the Editors' Choice winners, at the Electronic Musician website.

Guitar Player Magazine Reviews the Peavey AT-200 and Gives it Their Prestigious Editor's Pick Award

November 29, 2012

The glowing reviews for the Peavey AT-200 guitar with Auto-Tune for Guitar technology continue to roll in. In the holiday issue of Guitar Player magazine, Art Thompson reviews the AT-200 and gives it Guitar Player's Editor's Pick Award. According to Thompson:

"The Antares system has the uncanny ability to keep everything soundly in tune as you play, yet the technology gives no feeling of latency, nor does it interfere with string bending, tuner twisting, or even accidently knocking the guitar out of tune."

As he sums it up:

"The AT-200 presents a radical breakthrough in tuning technology, and does so in a thoroughly playable and hip sounding instrument that any working musician can afford."

Check out Guitar Player at Check out the Peavey AT-200 at your local Peavey dealer.


The Peavey AT-200 Guitar with Auto-Tune for Guitar Technology Receives the Guitarist Choice Award from Guitarist Magazine

November 29, 2012

Continuing it's award-winning ways, the Peavey AT-200 Guitar with Auto-Tune for Guitar Technology is reviewed in the November 2012 issue of the UK's Guitarist magazine and, in addition to a glowing review, is awarded the magazine's Guitarist Choice Award.

Writing in the magazine, reviewer Dave Burrluck states:

"In the active Auto-Tune mode it's unbelievably accurate: the tuning wheels come to just about a perfect halt, meaning the note is very in tune. Any 12th fret intonation issues are gone; even at the 24th fret, all strings gave a perfect reading."

and concludes:

"The At-200's output proves scarily accurate, even if the real-world guitar is out of tune and badly intonated. [...] A brave new technology? Bring it on."

You can read the entire review here.

Guitar World Magazine Awards the Peavey AT-200 Guitar Their Platinum Award for Excellence

November 28, 2012

We're pleased to report that in its January 2013 issue, Guitar World magazine reviews the Peavey AT-200 guitar with Auto-Tune for Guitar technology and awards it the Guitar World Platinum Award for Excellence.

Writing in the magazine, reviewer Chris Gill states: 

"The Peavey AT-200 is a truly revolutionary product that completely, quickly and efficienctly eliminates tuning and intonation problems once and for all, via an extremely easy-to-use interface."

He goes on to say:

"Even though the guitar's signal is being processed when Auto-Tune is engaged, the guitar sounds identical to its unprocessed signal, with no latency, volume loss or descreased dynamics."

Check out the entire review in Guitar World's current issue. And check out the AT-200 at your local Peavey dealer.