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ATG-1 Auto-Tune for Guitar Floor Processor


The ATG-1 Floor Processor is Now Available


Welcome to a new world of creative possibilities


ATG-1 Floor Processor


The ATG-1 Floor Processor is the perfect compliment to the electric guitar. 

The push of a button will instantly tune your guitar with perfect intonation. An easy to use interface allows you to access a variety of guitar models. You even have the ability to create and store your own alternate tunings and doublings. And much, much more!

Guitars connect to the ATG-1 with a 13-pin connector, either built-in to the guitar or added with a hex pickup like the Roland GK-3 or equivalent.



The ATG-1 Floor Processor Features 

String-Tune: Utilizing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to correct the pitch of each guitar string, String-Tune makes your guitar come through an amplifier perfectly in tune.

Solid-Tune®: Constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string and makes any corrections necessary to put that note in tune, while still allowing bends and vibratos.

Alternate Tunings & Doublings: The ATG-1 features alternate tunings, including DADGAD, Drop D, Open E, and Open G and doublings including Twelve String, Parallel Octaves and Parallel Fifths. You also have the ability to create your own custom alternate tunings and doublings!     

Guitar Modeling: Select from different guitar models and pickup models so your guitar will sound like the classic and modern electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars we modeled.

Virtual Capo: Raise (and even lower) the guitar’s pitch by up to 12 semitones.

Presets: The ATG-1 has the capacity to store and access up to 8 banks of 8 presets, so your settings can be easily stored and accessed.




The easy to use ATG-1 Floor Processor also includes stereo outputs, tone controls, and accepts MIDI control inputs. Capture creativity when it strikes while saving time in the studio and onstage.





Our initial shipment of ATG-1 Floor Processors has already sold out. 

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