Installing and Activating Java in Your Browser

In order to connect your guitar to the Auto-Tune for Guitar website to transfer Software Feature Packs or software updates to or from your guitar, it is necessary to have Java 6 or later (Java 7 is the current version) installed and active in your web browser. If you receive a message in your browser that Java is not installed or enabled, you can use the following instructions to install and enable it.

Step 1. Download the latest Java installer here. Once downloaded, run the installer by double-clicking it.

NOTE: During the installation process, you'll be presented with the following screen encouraging you to install the ASK Toolbar. This is not required by Auto-Tune for Guitar and, unless you really want it, you can decline by unclicking the check box highlighed below and then clicking "Next."

Step 2. The first time you log into your Auto-Tune for Guitar account, you may receive the following message. If so, check the "Always trust content from this publisher" box and then click "Run."

Step 3. Depending on your browser, you may have to specifcally activate Java permanently for the Auto-Tune for Guitar web site, as shown below. If so, select "Always activate plug-ins for this site."

You're now good to go!