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Testing your Guitar's Connection to Your Computer

Now that you have connected your guitar via MIDI to your computer, you should test the connection to ensure everything's working correctly. To help accomplish that, we've provided three free trial software packs to transfer to your guitar.

Here's how:

Step 1. Be sure that you have made all of the connections between your guitar and computer as described in the MIDI Y-Cable Connection Guide or the AT-200B Connection Guide.

Step 2. Make sure everything is powered up and turned on.

Step 3. Point your browser to the Auto-Tune for Guitar web site:

Step 4. Select "Transfer Software" under the Guitar Connect tab to go to the Guitar Manager page.

Step 5. If you haven't logged in to your account, you'll be asked to log in. You'll then automatically continue to the Guitar Manager.

Step 6. Once on the Guitar Manager page, the Guitar Manager will attempt to establish communication with your guitar. You can watch its progress in the Status message box at the top of the page. If all is well, it will recognize your MIDI interface and eventually indicate: "Connected to your guitar successfully!"

If it instead provides a red error message, correct the indicated error and click the "Retry" button to try again.

Step 7. Once a successful connection has been made, you'll see all of the software that's currently in your guitar on the Guitar Manager's righthand pane and all of the software that's available to be transferred to your guitar in the lefthand pane.

Select one of the free trial packs and click its "Transfer to Guitar" link. You will see a transfer progress display.

The selected pack will be transferred to your guitar and be assigned to the lowest numbered empty string.

Step 8. If something's goes wrong with the transfer, you'll receive a red error message in the Status box. In that case, simply correct the error and click the pack's "Transfer to Guitar" link again.

Step 9. If desired, transfer the remaining two trial packs.

Step 10. To use one of your new packs (for example, to play in open E tuning), turn off your guitar's power, cleanly pluck the pack's string (in the case of our example, String 2 - the B string), and while the note sustains, turn the power on. (If you accidentally pluck two or more stings, it won't work. If that happens, simply try again.)

Congratulations! Everything's working. To learn how to access your new packs and to learn more about using the Guitar Manager, check out the Managing Your Guitar's Software Guide.