Manuals & Documentation

This is where you'll find a growing collection of guides and reference material focused on helping you get the most of Auto-Tune for Guitar technology. Check back often for new additions.

User Manuals

ATG Settings Manager v2.1.0 (PDF)

ATG Software Manager v1.1.0 (PDF)

ATG-1 Floor Processor Manual v3.32 (PDF)

ATG Guitar Feature Packs v3.32 (PDF)

Auto-Tune for Guitar Luthier Custom Kit Installation Manual (PDF)

Lap Steel+ Application Manual v3.32 (PDF)

Connecting your ATG device to your computer

Connecting the ATG-1 Floor Processor to the ATG Settings Manager

Connecting Your ATG Equipped Guitar Using a MIDI Y-Cable

Connecting Your ATG Equipped Guitar Using a Peavey AT-200B Breakout Box

Performance Control

Fret Control

Using the MIDI Designer Pro Layout for Auto-Tune for Guitar

Approved Interfaces and Software

MIDI Interfaces for Connecting Your Guitar to Your Computer or iPad

Special MIDI Y-Cables

Software Release Notes

Release Notes for ATG Utility Software (PDF) (01/2016)

ATG Release Notes v3.32 (PDF) (10/2015)

Release Notes for ATG Software v3.10 (PDF) (02/2015)

Release Notes for Software Feature Packs v3.0 (PDF) (10/2014)

Release Notes for Software Feature Packs v2.28 (PDF) (12/2013)

Release Notes for Software v2.27 (PDF) (09/2013)

Release Notes for Software v2.15 (PDF) (01/2013)

Peavey® AT-200

Creating Alternate Tunings With Special Fingerings

Link to Peavey® AT-200 Detailed Specifications. (PDF)

Link to Peavey® AT-200 Owner's Manual. (PDF)

Link to Peavey® AT-200 Quick Start Guide. (PDF)

Warranty Info

ATG-1 Consumer Warranty

Archive Documentation

Managing Software on your Guitar

ATG Preset Manager v1.0.7 (PDF) (Archived 11/2015)

ATG Settings Manager v2.0.0 (Archived 01/2016)

ATG Software Manager v1.0.0 (Archived 01/2016)